laiout receives 10 mNOK (€1M) grant for more sustainable floor plan generation.

The Norwegian Research Council has awarded laiout 9,95 million NOK as support in laiout's efforts of not just generating world's fastest floor plans, but also the most sustainable ones.

When looking at the competitive landscape of technological solutions related to floor planning, it soon becomes clear that everything is focused on building new buildings and using new materials. We at laiout feel like this is the old way of thinking.

As many of you know already, we focus purely on existing buildings with all of its constraints like pilars, window elements and emergency exits. The real-estate sector is one of the most poluting industries in the world and thus we want to simplify the re-usage of buildings. We bring new standards to old buildings within a matter of a few clicks.

Our R&D efforts specficially will be focused on retaining as much of a building as possible and smart ways of redestributing materials.

This funding will be used to combine laiout's inhouse research capabilities with Norwegian top research institutes Sintef and IFE and other experts and professors from some of the most renowned universities in the world.

With over 200 national applications and just 12 accepted proposals it is a true recognition for laiout's cause and R&D capabilities.

More info here:

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